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Azure Sentinel: automating your Use Cases with PowerShell and the AzSentinel module

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen immense interest in Azure Sentinel. Companies, big and small, are looking at Azure Sentinel for multiple reasons, for instance: burned out for running their own complex SIEM infrastructures, the easy integration with Azure and Office 365 data that Sentinel provides, etc.

We’ve been fortunate to assist these customers with proof of concepts, pilots, trials or even the first pre-production environments. Based on this work we’ve built up quite a bit of field experience and it’s time we start contributing back :-)

Say hello to our open-source PowerShell module called AzSentinel.

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How can I automate an Azure Sentinel instance? What is the format of the YAML files? The dark button on the right hand side of the screen will take you to the technical details. 

How can I protect myself from these types of attacks?

Wortell can help design and implement Azure Sentinel and other (cloud) security measures. However, we also provide it as a service through our Security Operations Center (SOC). Contact us for more information.

— Maarten Goet, MVP & RD