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managed security

Managed Azure & 365

How do you keep all these CI-CD pipelines running? Do you keep a scorecard on automating manual tasks? What is the way you keep governance on your Azure tenants and subscriptions? Are you sure all of your endpoints are protected? Wortell's managed services have got you covered. We make sure that your platforms are safe and well-configured, so that you can focus on your business.

Security as a Service

Security is a C-level issue. It's not a matter if you'll be attacked, it's a matter of when. Microsoft provides great solutions to prevent attacks. Implementing security solutions can hard. But the real challenge is in detection and response. Wortell provides these capabilities as a service. Whether it is in the pre-attack fase by our Threat Intelligence Center, or in monitoring by our SOC-as-a-Service, or as a response to an attack by our Managed Detection & Response Center.